The branding behind Being Seen also has a lot of significance. Red and the shades of red have a symbolic meaning in South Asian culture. It stands for purity, commitment, prosperity, and fertility. Many South Asian brides wear red on their wedding day as a symbol of commitment. I chose to use red because joining the Being Seen community symbolizes commitment, a commitment for SAAW to put themselves first and learn more about their culture. Moreover, the circle represents the bindi. A bindi is a colored dot that many SAAW wear on their foreheads as a cultural symbol. Frequently it is red, but it can be many different colors. The bindi is sometimes considered the sixth chakra, also known as concealed wisdom. I included the symbolism of a bindi because frequently, many SAAW are made fun of for wearing it. Other people sometimes draw bindis on their foreheads in order to mock or discriminate against SAAW. Including it in the branding is an attempt to reclaim it, to show other people that it is something SAAW wear proudly. In the subsequent sections, I will discuss the content of each part of Being Seen, the reasoning behind them, and the intended outcomes.

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